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Introduction to OfflineBazaar

OfflineBazaar is a registered firm under Section 69 of the Finance Act, 1994 (32 of 1994) and operates, an internet based service to connect local sellers and consumers across India which can be accessed through its website on any internet enabled computing device such as computers, phones & tablets. Etc.

By the time you Log in or Open, you (every user of the website who browse the website, post anything, respond to comments, share any information, respond to links/advertisements on website) accept and agree to the’s TERMS OF USE which states the following.

Your Information

“Your Information? means any information you provide to, its users, or the businesses/individual sellers during registration, communication, listing, replying or in any feedback/contact area of the website. You agree that you are the sole person who is responsible and accountable for your shared information and our mere role is to put your information ahead of where you want and to provide you the best services.

You further agree that

You, yourself is responsible and accountable for maintaining the confidentiality of your User ID, Password, E-Mail Address or any other personal information provided during/after registration for restricting others to use/mis-use your registered account. You are responsible for all the activities that occur under your logged in account. This is applicable in all the cases of logging in from different devices using the same registered user id and password.

Eligibility terms

By the time you start using the website either through registration or by other means, you agree to be the citizen of Republic of India whose age is 18 years or more and is not barred for the use by any law.

Abuse and violations terms

You agree not to abuse or violate the terms of use of by any means. You also agree to inform us at if you come across to any listing/posting or user that abuses or violates our terms of use.


You agree not to copy, distribute, and steal the content posted on by other users through any means. You also agree not to copy, distribute, and steal any copyrighted material of from the website or anywhere else.

Personal/business information

By sharing your personal/business information, you agree to give permission to OFFLINEBAZAAR to store the information to its servers and use it to serve you. You agree to give permission to OFFLINEBAZAAR to display the specific chosen information publicly on the website or applications or any other means.

Third party content

The website may contain some third party content such as advertisements and links, you agree to follow these at your own risk subject to the terms of use and privacy policy, and accountable for all the post action.


The terms of use of can be changed/modified anytime binding to the laws and regulations without any prior notice to anyone. However, best practices (such as communication through e-mail, prominent display on website itself etc.) will come in to place to inform all the users about the updated terms of use.

If you have any doubt or need any clarification regarding the subject heading, you may 24x7.