Top Tractor Models of All Brand in India

Tractor is known as a great ideal for agriculture in India and many other countries of world. For a farmer tractor is a very helpful vehicle for agriculture at fields. There are some type farming applications which has tractor plays main role like rotavation, cultivation, sowing, threshing, spraying, puddling, etc. Tractor is very useful to haulage operation by using its hydraulic lift capacity which makes it very strong to pulling a heavy load at fields. It is very suitable for small landholdings and inter-culture operations like Crops (soybean, cotton, Maze) and orchards (Grapes, Mango, oranges).


Top Models of All Tractor Brand

In India many brand comes which makes tractors and many other farming equipment’s like ACE, Eicher, Farmtrac, Force Balwan, HMT, Indo Farm, John Deere, Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Powertrac, Preet, Sonalika, Swaraj and Tafe. In below you can see top models of all brands.

Ace Tractor Top Models

ACE is known as giant tractor manufacturer in India which has entered in tractor business in 2008, currently located in Ballabhgarh, Faridabad. Its two top models is very popular in India ACE DI 450 and ACE DI 350 which gives a high performance at fields.

Mahindra Tractor Top Models

Mahindra & Mahindra was founded in 1945 in Ludhiana (India) which has introduced its first international harvester in 1963 and also award winner of largest farming equipment manufacturer of 2010. Mahindra offer many top popular models which gives a heavy duty in fields like Arjun Novo 605 Di Ms, Yuvo 575 DI, Yuvo 475 DI, Yuvo 275 DI, Arjun Novo 605 DI-I 4WD, 575 DI, Arjun 555 DI.

Sonalika Tractor Top Models

Sonalika in an Indian multinational tractor brand which was founded in 1969 by Lakshman Das Mittal currently located in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India. We have suggest you from some top models of Sonalika that gives an excellent performance in fields like Sonalika WT-75, DI-47 RX, WT-75 4WD, DI 750 II 2WD.

Swaraj Tractor Top Models

Swaraj is a Punjab base tractor manufacturer which was comes in 1970 via Punjab Govt. Currently located in Ropar (Punjab India). Swaraj made many top models of tractors like Swaraj 855 XM, 843 XM, 744 FE, 724 XM Orchard, 841 XM.

Tafe Tractor Top Models

Tafe is a Chennai base tractor manufacture which also makes many farming products like farm machinery, diesel engines, batteries, gears and transmission components, engineering plastics, hydraulic pumps and cylinders. Tafe’s many popular tractor comes which also most accepted in south States of India like Tafe 8502 DI 4WD, 45 DI, 30 DI Orchard plus, 1000 4WD.

Eicher Tractor Top Models

Eicher is a Germany base tractor manufacturer which was founded in 1930 by Joseph and Albert Eicher. Company is also very
popular in India for its many top models of tractor like Eicher 380 Super DI, 368 Super DI, 333 Super DI, 241 XTRAC, 485 Super DI, 480 Super DI, 5660 Super DI.

Farmtract Tractor Top Models

Farmtract is a Indian tractor manufacturer under Escorts Group which has started to selling farming equipment in 1960 and currently located in Faridabad, Haryana. Farmtrac made many top models in India like Farmtrac 45, 6050, Farmtrac Champion, Farmtrac 555DT.

Force Balwan Tractor Top Models

Force Balwan tractors is manufactured by Force Motors Ltd which was founded in 1958 in India by Abhay N. Firodia, company’s headquarter in Pune, India. Force has made Balwan 550,500, 450, 400 and 330.

John Deere Tractor Top Models

John Deere is known as a private Ltd tractor manufacturer in India which was founded in 1837 in Moline lllinois, United States by Grand Detour, lllinois. Many popular tractor include by John Deere like John Deere 5310, 5047 D, 5050 D (50 HP), 5055 E 4WD, 5060 E (60 HP).

HMT Tractor Top Models

HMT is giant name in engineering industry which was founded in 1953 by Girish Kumar (Chairman and Managing Director). It makes many type of products including tractor like Machine tools, printing machines, bearings, watches. HMT made many high performance tractor which also listed in top models like HMT 4022, 3522 DX, 3522 FX, 2522 DX, 2522 Orchard Special.

Indo Farm Tractor Top Models

Indo Farm Tractor Ltd is an Indian based tractor brand which is also known as ITML. Company was founded in 1994 and established its first business plant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. Indo has made many top models for Indian farmers like Indo Farm 3050 DI, 2042 DI, 3040 DI, 3055 NV, 3065 DI.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Top Models

Massey Ferguson is an American brand which makes tractor and other farming equipment. Company was established in 1958 in Duluth, Georgia, USA and entered in 1950s in India. Company has made many top models under these categories of Mahindra, MF 1030 DI Mahashakti, MF 1035 DI Shakti and MF 1035 DI. Top model comes like Tafe 8502 DI 4WD, 45 DI, 30 DI Orchard plus, MF 1030 DI.

New Holland Tractor Top Models

New Holland is a big name in agriculture industry, also known as farming machinery manufacturer like tractors and forklifts. Company was founded in 1895 in Turin Italy. There many top models included like New Holland 4510, 3230 NX, 4010 NX, 3037 NX, TD5.90, 7500 Turbo Super, 3630 TX Turbo Super, 3630 TX Super.

Powertrac Tractor Top Models

Powertrac is a tractor manufacture brand by Escort Agri Group which was founded in 1998 currently located in Faridabad, Haryana (India). Powertrac makes high performance tractor under ALT, Euro and DS series which has some popular models like this ALT 4000, ALT 3500, Euro 50, Euro 41, 439 DS Diesel Saver, Euro 41.

Preet Tractor Top Models

Preet is agriculture equipments manufacturer which makes tractor and other farming equipment’s under Preet Agro Industries, Pvt. Ltd. Company was founded in 2002 that is currently located in Nabha district of Punjab, India. Top models of Preet like this, Preet 6049, 5049, 4549, 3549, 4049

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