Powertrac Tractors All New Model with DS, Euro & ALT Series

All Models of Powertrac Tractors with Series

Powertrac is a tractor brand of Escort Group they are considered economy models. The Powertrac is the most popular brand in many states of India. Apart from this two more brand’s tractor built by Escort Agri like Escort & Farmtrac.

There are three series available for Powertrac Tractors including DS , Euro and ALT. All series of Powertrac makes many type of models which is very helpful for commercial usage and for a heavy duty.


Powertrac Tractors All New Models

Here we are talking about the DS series of Powertrac Tractor. In past few months Indian farmers are increasingly looking at avenues to buy maximum tractors and they are also satisfied with its performance.

Powertrac Tractor makes many Type of Models between 25-HP to 60-HP and It has three type of series like DS, Euro and ALT which makes tractors under Escort Agri group. In the below you can see all models of Powertrac tractors.

Powertrac Tractors All New Models with DS, Euro & ALT Series

DS Series Euro Series ALT Series
425 DS Euro 37 ALT 3500
425 N Euro 41 ALT 4000
434 Euro 45
434 DS Euro 50
434 DS Diesel Saver Euro 4455
439 DS Super Saver
445 DS
4455 BT
4455 BT +


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