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Grocery Price List in Kolkata

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Ferrero Chocolate Box
Ferrero Chocolate Gift Box
Amul Dark Chocolate in 60g
Cadbury Chocolate Gems
Cadbury Gems in 25g Box
Cadbury Gems Chocolate
Nestle Bar One 20G
Nestle Bar One 20G Kocoa Mania
Perk Energy Charger 30G
Cadbury Perk Baar 35g
Cadbury Perk Chocolate
Cadbury Dairy Milk Rs 25
Dairy Milk 4 Piece
Dairy Milk 4 Piece Kocoa Mania
Cadbury Dairy Milk Baar

Grocery Prices in Kolkata

Latest Grocery Price
Ferrero Chocolate Box Rs.850
Ferrero Chocolate Gift Box Rs.12,000
Ferrero Chocolate Combo Price Not Available
Amul Dark Chocolate with 35g Rs.150
Amul Dark Chocolate in 60g Rs.120
Cadbury Chocolate Gems Rs.70
Cadbury Colorful Gems Chocolate Rs.85
Gems chocolate in Multiple Rs.35
Cadbury Gems in 25g Box Rs.60
Cadbury Gems Chocolate Rs.50
Nestle Bar one Silk Chocolate Rs.35
Nestle Kitkat Chocolate 50G Rs.120
Nestle Bar One 20G Rs.30
Nestle Kitkat Break Chocolate Rs.45
Nestle Kitkat Dark Sense Chocolate Rs.90
Perk Chocolate Cube in 150G Rs.30
Perk Energy Charger 30G Rs.40
Cadbury Perk Baar 35g Rs.45
Cadbury Perk Chocolate 4 Pieces Rs.120
Cadbury Perk Chocolate Rs.250

Grocery Prices in Kolkata

    Top Grocery Sellers in kolkata

  • Kocoa mania 3, Lord Sinha Road, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071 Kolkata