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Other Computer Peripherals Price List in Kolkata

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CCTV survilance camera
Time Attendence Device
Kingston SSD Drive
Kingston SSD Drive N B Infotech
Intex UPS
Intex UPS N B Infotech
HP Laptop Adaptor
HP Laptop Adaptor N B Infotech
Dell Laptop Bag
Dell Laptop Bag N B Infotech
Dell 65W Laptop Adaptor
Laptop Cooling pad
Laptop Cooling pad N B Infotech
AMD FX - core Processor
Lenovo Laptop Bag
Lenovo Laptop Bag N B Infotech
Morpho aadhar Kit
Morpho aadhar Kit N B Infotech
3M Cogent aadhar Kit
3M Cogent aadhar Kit N B Infotech
Morpho 1300e Fingerprint Reader

Other Computer Peripherals Prices in Kolkata

Latest Other Computer Peripherals Price
CCTV survilance camera Rs.1,500
Time Attendence Device Rs.6,000
Kingston SSD Drive Rs.3,500
Intex UPS Rs.1,700
HP Laptop Adaptor Rs.1,400
Dell Laptop Bag Rs.600
Dell 65W Laptop Adaptor Rs.800
Laptop Cooling pad Rs.900
AMD FX - core Processor Rs.6,500
Kingston Desktop Ram / Memory DDR3 & DDR4 Rs.1,500
Lenovo Laptop Bag Rs.800
Startek FM220 Fingerprint reader Rs.4,500
Morpho aadhar Kit Rs.61,000
3M Cogent aadhar Kit Rs.65,000
Digital Persona U R U 4500 Finger print Reader Rs.6,000
Morpho 1300e Fingerprint Reader Rs.4,500

Other Computer Peripherals Prices in Kolkata

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  • N b infotech off to Bentink Street, Asian Hotel Bldg, P 38, Princep Street, Near Pizza Hut Kolkata