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About LocalPricelist

" aims to connect the local retailers and consumers with great ease, for the betterment of both"

Why we built

Story behind the idea?

I was looking to buy an iPhone for gifting purpose but couldn’t wait for even one day and wanted to buy instantly. However, there were many stores in my city selling iPhones but I also wanted the phone at best price. I first went through online stores to know the price at which they are offering the phone and then reached to the offline sellers. But, the price of offline sellers was higher than that of online stores, I tried a few more local stores and finally found one who agreed to offer the phone at same price, after some negotiations.

“Now, the thing is that, the seller who agreed to sell the phone at same price, during negotiation, told me that we (referring to all local stores) can also sell the products at same price or even cheaper as of online stores, But WE DO NOT HAVE ANY PLATFORM to convey this message to consumers.?

AND, that was the moment, the idea strikes my mind and I decided to build such a platform for local store owners and consumers, like me. I started doing some online research about the topic the same day. I found a few such portals of the same kind I was thinking to build, but limited to either one category of products, one city or a few cities.

Now, when I tried to find prices of some other products in local stores in my city, I found almost nothing. I tried more categories but the result was same, however some products were listed there which could be bought from the offline market but prices were not mentioned anywhere, for comparison into different stores/retailers.

So, at last I decided to build such a platform that can connect consumers to the local stores and vice versa. I decide to give all information including prices of all products on my platform respective to the cities and stores. I then did some research and finally decided it to be named “OfflineBazaar? and registered the domain. OfflineBzaar is now

And, here it is after few months of hard work of my dedicated team into planning, designing, development, data collection etc. Special thanks and appreciation to My Team who dedicated their valuable time into making a realty.

We’ll grow and improve as we hear from you and as the time passes on.